Making It Home: A study of post-war housing for ex-servicemen on Cleenish Island, Northern Ireland

As part of the Soldiers and Sailors Land Act 1919 thousands of homes were built across the U.K to house returning veterans from World War One. One particular site chosen to be part of this scheme was Cleenish Island, County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland where in 1921 eleven houses were built and allocated to eligible ex-servicemen. These photos represent a record of a small portion of this scheme photographed nearly one hundred years on from the end of the Great War.

Winner Heritage Angel Award 2017: Best Research, Interpretation or Recording of a Historic Building or Place

BBC Podcast – Your Place or Mine: The Soldier’s of Cleenish Island

Conflict and conscience exhibition 2019, M-Shed Bristol

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Queens University Belfast, Short Story interactive map:

Voices of War and Peace, War and Aftermath, Birmingham University 2021 AHRC funded project featuring photos from the project: